List of my publications on online databases:

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  1. Hirata, C. M., Mishra, A., Venumadhav, T. (2017)
        Detecting primordial gravitational waves with circular polarization of the redshifted 21 cm line: I. Formalism
        ADS arxiv INSPIRE
  2. Venumadhav, T., Dai, L., & Miralda-Escudé, J. (2017)
        Gravitational microlensing during caustic crossings
        ADS arxiv INSPIRE
  3. Dai, L., & Venumadhav, T. (2017)
        On the waveforms of gravitationally lensed gravitational waves
        ADS arxiv INSPIRE
  4. Dai, L., Venumadhav, T., & Sigurdson, K. (2016)
        The effect of lensing magnification on the apparent distribution of black hole mergers
        ADS arxiv INSPIRE
  5. Gluscevic, V., Venumadhav, T., Fang, X., Hirata, C.M., Oklopcic, A., & Mishra, A. (2016)
        A new probe of magnetic fields in the pre-reionization epoch: II. Detectability
        ADS arxiv INSPIRE
  6. Venumadhav, T., Chang, T.-C., Doré, O., & Hirata, C.M. (2015)
        A practical theorem on using interferometry to measure the global 21-cm signal
        ADS arxiv INSPIRE
  7. Venumadhav, T., Cyr-Racine, F.-Y., Abazajian, K.N., & Hirata, C.M. (2015)
        Sterile neutrino dark matter: A tale of weak interactions in the strong coupling epoch
        ADS arxiv INSPIRE
  8. Venumadhav, T., Oklopcic, A., Gluscevic, V., Mishra, A., & Hirata, C.M. (2014)
        A new probe of magnetic fields in the pre-reionization epoch: I. Formalism
        ADS arxiv INSPIRE
  9. Venumadhav, T., & Hirata, C.M. (2014)
        Stability of small-scale baryon perturbations during cosmological recombination
        ADS arxiv INSPIRE
  10. Venumadhav, T., Zimmerman, A., & Hirata, C.M. (2014)
        The Stability of Tidally Deformed Neutron Stars to Three- and Four-mode Coupling
        ADS arxiv INSPIRE
  11. Venumadhav, T., Haque, M., & Moessner, R. (2010)
        Finite-rate quenches of site bias in the Bose-Hubbard dimer
        ADS arxiv

n-th author papers:

  1. Doré, O., et. al., (2014)
        Cosmology with the SPHEREX All-Sky Spectral Survey
        ADS arxiv INSPIRE